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The fanbase is rightly angry about the season ticket situation.

As supporters our loyalty is unquestionable and in the recent past our direct financial support and actions have twice helped sustain the club through its darkest hours of administration.

This is a time of uncertainty where many Palace supporters havelost their jobs or face other financial hardships.

To ask THE FANBASE to pay retainers to keep seats and to use third party credit checks to turn away loyal fans both penalises and takes advantage of that loyalty.

We back the good work from FYP on this issue and call on the club to rethink their proposals immediately AND REFUND THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY MADE PAYMENTS.

Wolves have frozen season tickets until next year and will operate match tickets on an individual ballot system.

We call on Palace to do the same.

As a group we will be taking a stand and will not be paying the retainer. We will fight for the rights of all fellow supporters who choose to do the same.

In times of uncertainty and financial struggles a community comes together to support one another.

It is now time for the club to SUPPORT THAT COMMUNITY AND RESPECT the loyalty the fans have shown.